Fringe Review : Dracula

This interpretation of Dracula was done by the “Conserve Theatre Group” (unfortunately I have no more information on them).

The play is a fairly accurate interpretation of the original Bram Stoker’s Dracula novel, which may well confuse a lot of people as I’ve never seen the original story shown in a film accurately, if you had not read the original novel then you may not follow everything that was going on. I understand it is impossible to include everything from the novel in an hour long play, but I did feel that the play had a number of plot holes that again may have left the audience confused and the play concentrated on other less relevant parts of the novel e.g. a very central character in the play is Rienfeld but at no time was it clear when and how he was associated with Dracula. Also although mentioned briefly it is somewhat unclear how Harker escapes from Dracula’s castle or how Dracula arrives in England, there are a number of other “plot holes” and the ending seemed rushed.

Having said all that, I maybe being unfair and expecting/hoping for more than was actually required. The play is well acted and I felt myself hoping the good guys triumph, although I did not get a real sense of danger or threat from the Dracula character, perhaps because “he” was played by a rather attractive young blonde actress (a far cry from Christopher Lee), the three vampire sisters were much more sinister (when THEY are supposed to be the seductive ones).

In summary: a good play, well acted but lacking cohesion in the plot.


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