Fringe Review : Into the Fog

I picked this show as a “filler” (to take up time between shows I really wanted to see) and it got a 5 star review.

It was very bizzare: modern, “interpretive” dance is NOT my thing, I don’t understand how it works (I’m not convinced it does work). From what I could follow, five people get together at the beginning and go through a number of books that are lying around the edges of the stage, as each book is opened it has a reaction on the dancers, in fact each page can cause a reaction, on occasion multiple books are opened at the same time.

The start of the show


I’m assuming that the reaction the dancers have to the books are supposed to be physical interpretations to the contents of the books, the audience does not know what the books are (I’m guessing it doesn’t really matter), the reactions varied from soft, graceful dance movements to highly violent almost insane dancing. On a couple occasions a dancer barely managed to get to the book(s) and slams them shut. As the show approached the end the dancers attacked the books and actually destroyed them, ripping pages from the books and throwing them around. Now, I assume that these books were of no consequence and easily replaceable, but I was a bit shocked at this to actually destroy book just for the sake of “art” (which nobody probably understands anyway).

I’m in no position to judge the quality of dance but it was very varied (depending on the books that were opened) and appeared to me to be very well done.

I left the theatre at the end of the show a little bemused and now that some time has past I still don’t get it.




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