Fringe Review : Facehunters

Facehunters is a modern, musical performed The Hungry Bitches

It is set in what is described as the “comically sycophantic east London hipster scene”, now I have no idea what the “east London hipster scene” is like, I’ve no idea if it IS “comically sycophantic” and so perhaps I was not the target audience.

There appeared to be two plot lines, the first with three characters “Sweet”, “Bruce” & “Sam” (I think) who were all heavy drug users, Sweet & Bruce used to be a couple until Bruce left to get off the drugs. Sweet, broken-hearted by Bruce leaving sunk even lower into her addiction, the play takes place during Bruce’s return to find Sweet & Sam fallen deeper in their addiction.

The second plot line is based around Katherine and Lily who, meet and fall in love and a third character Juliette who at first appears to be unrelated to the plot but a popular young woman in the club scene.

When “Sweet” dies of a overdoes it helps galvanize the love that Katherine and Lily have for each other (although they did not know Sweet very well) and they decide they want to “run away together”. At this point Juliette “flies off the handle” and it turns out that she and Katherine have a long history together (in fact 30 years together). It turns out they have not aged since having a Polaroid taken of themselves and they swore they would stay as young and beautiful as they were in the photograph for ever (yes it IS all very “Dorian Gray”). Juliette confronts Lily and kills her so Katherine rips up the Polaroid leading to the death of herself and Juliette.

Oh, Sam almost dies of an overdose himself after blaming Bruce for Sweet’s death, but the dead Sweet returns to say it is not his time and Bruce walks off with Sam.

The “plot” is pretty thin at best and any intended irony was completely lost on me, if there’s an under lying message I guess it’s don’t do drugs, don’t be vain and don’t fall in love!

The music was, for the most part, good and the singing, dancing and general choreography was impressive and very powerful at times, all the lead characters played their parts well and had wonderful singing and dancing talents, backed up by a strong ensemble some of whom had cameo roles that were also well-played.

In Summary : a good show but I suspect a bit too insular for the wider audience.


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