Fringe Review : Boo Lingerie

The socks are back for the Fringe ­čÖé

The “Scottish Falsetto Sock Puppet Theatre” weren’t at the Fringe last year, but they’re back and they even have a child friendly show this time.

For those not familiar with them, they are two sock puppets in a tartan “Punch & Judy” style booth, they have a bunch of videos on YouTube to give you an idea.

Do not expect the show to go to plan, the sock on the right is a bit, err, “dim” and sure to mess things up. Having said that, it is often hard to tell if things go wrong by design or by accident.

The jokes come thick and fast, and if a reference goes over your head, don’t worry about, another will be along you will get. The socks play off the audience reactions very well, making comments like (nobody knows who that is, lets drop it from the script). They also do some improvisation, chatting with some audience members or asking for suggestions. They use a number of props through-out the show as well as costume changes which don’t always work and sometimes allow the socks to ad-lib which may well end up funnier than the original script (look out for Tigger in future shows).

It’s also amazing that the entire show is done by one guy and a couple sock puppets. I could go on, but really you should just see the show for yourself!




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