Oxford Gargoyles Jazz a Cappella!

I saw these guys last year and was so looking forward to seeing them again this year, and I was not disappointed.

It is difficult to write a detailed review, not being a music or jazz expert, but to my un-tuned ear they are excellent!

I’ve seen them a few times on the Royal Mile singing short pieces on the mini stages but that is just a taster of the delights of their hour-long show with their full ensemble in a proper theatre setting.

You immediately forget there is no music as they sing numerous familiar and not so familiar jazz songs. With different members on occasion taking the lead singing role beautifully.

What adds to the show is the clever “choreography” they don’t exactly “dance” as such but move around the stage in complex “formations” and movements often providing amusing little “actions” in relation to the songs and lyrics. The entire show wreaks of professionalism and is a delight to watch as well as listen to.

In Summary : If you like or appreciate good music/song and/or jazz I’m sure you would love their show!


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