Glazed Venison and Chutney

I’m no cook, I occasionally throw some ingredients together and something edible comes out. I do look up recipes on the inter-webby thing to give me an idea of what ingredients work together but I’ve never actually “followed” a recipe. I have been known to cook a pretty good steak and come up with some tasty soups , I have also come up with some virtually inedible stuff too!

Anyway I made a really good dinner this evening and decided to document it, although I doubt I’d be able to repeat it as there was no measuring or timing done!

I had this with boiled new potatoes, so I threw a handful of those in a pot and put them on to boil for a bit.

Preparation work:

 I chopped up a couple medium sized tomatoes, half a large onion and a large carrot and peeled a couple large garlic cloves (I love garlic!).


I put a large slosh of Italian chilli oil in a frying pan and heated it up, I then added a generous spoonful of honey, crushed the garlic cloves and added a couple “knifefuls” of whisky mustard, a pinch of salt and some freshly ground black pepper. After mixing this all together in the pan over a very low heat (just enough to melt the honey) I had a fairly thick paste to which I added my venison strip loin steak and rolled it around the pan so it was fully coated. I then cranked up the heat to seal the venison and kept it moving around for a few minutes, when the “glaze” began to blacken in the pan I removed it from the heat and put the venison steak in the oven on a low heat (enough to keep it hot but not burn the glaze). The remaining glaze I spooned out of the pan on to my chopped onions, trying not to avoid any oil (as I didn’t want the chilli flavour coming through but did want some of the venison juices plus honey and mustard flavours).

In a clean frying pan I heated a drop of ordinary cooking oil and threw in the chopped tomatoes, onions and carrots and fried it all up over a medium heat until the I had a sort of thick chutney, when it started to get too dry I then added a generous few slugs of beer. I used Eden Breweries Oak aged series whisky barrel, it’s a good light scotch ale but fairly sweet from the whisky (I would avoid using a pale ale as it would be too bitter or a stout as it would be too heavy). I then let everything simmer and stew a while until the beer had reduced somewhat.

When I thought the “chutney” was sufficiently cooked I sliced the venison into medallions and served it up with the new potatoes and chutney… it was absolutely delicious even if I do say so myself!


“Honey, garlic and mustard glazed medallions of venison with a whisky beer, tomato and carrot chutney and boiled new potatoes”

Not exactly restaurant quality serving, but I swear it was as really good!



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