Fringe 2016 –  Intergalactic Nemesis,  Everybody Hates The Lounge Kittens,  House  Of Edgar 

​Intergalactic Nemisis **** (4 stars)

This is a rather clever and original show, imagine an old fashioned radio show with three actors playing the voices of multiple characters, somebody with a table full of sound effects, another on a keyboard for musical atmosphere. Now throw in a massive projector screen behind them all showing comic book (graphic novel) images as the action progresses.

The plot starts in America in 1942 where our intrepid herione reporter waits at the alter for her fiance. Unfortunately it turns out he may have been kidnapped by nazi! As it turns out our herione has had a previous adventure 9 years ago aboard a spaceship in the future, and our hero has travelled back in time. 

So we have an intrepid herione and a hero from the future and nazis, there is also a mad professor, a beautiful russian doctor, some aliens and even a couple ninjas! 

The voice acting is great, the the cast on stage expressing some entertaining emotions. The music is subtle and gives the right cadence and atmosphere and the sounds effects are wonderfully done.

It is an hour and a half long and does begin to drag out a bit near the end and the plot gets ridiculously complex (although this IS obviously done deliberately for comic affect).

The end credits (on the big screen) says the adventures continue online, I’ll certainly be looking to see what they have, as it was very entertaining.

Everybody hates The Lounge Kittens *** (3 stars)

At some point in the past, three young ladies decided to form a band and perform covers of “heavy metal” bands in the style of sequine covered lounge singers. One plays a keyboard and all three sing. Although admittedly I haven’t seen many lounge singers with bright pink hair, or a shaved head and a bright green mohican!

They then decided to post their music videos on YouTube, apparently many “heavy metal” fans do not appreciate their unique style of covers and have left some rather extreme comments.

In this live fringe show the Kittens introduce a number of their songs with highly amusing observations on the comments they received  online about each. Quite a lot of the comments are very extreme, sexist and X rated but the kittens have taken these comments in their stride and created an entertaining Fringe show.

Their music is pretty good although I’m not familiar with bands like “Slip Knot” or “Steel Panther” so I can’t really comment on what the Kittens covers are really like, but I assume their style is rather different from the originals!

The show was fun and entertaining (reading comments on the internet can be entertaining) but I doubt that the Kittens are ever going to be huge stars, although they did support “Steel Panther” on tour and are planning an album!

The House of Edgar ***** (5 stars)

This is an interesting concept, music is provided by a violin, keyboard and guitar (on stage). The cast is fairly young but very talented, the singing and dancing is wonderful (fairly classical in style, with some ballet). 

Edgar has died and his old “friend” has newly inherited his house. His friend is somewhat contemptuous of Poe’s work and critiques it rather harshly, Edgar had died and written his last tale… or has he? No plot spoilers but is this show a dream? a delusion? a ghost story? or something else?

I wasn’t too sure at the start of this show, for example “The Raven” is sung wonderfully and the raven is played by a wonderful ballerina dressed in black (of course). The problem was not in the quality of performance, it WAS great, but it was too beautiful and lacked the harsh, gothic horror one normally expects from Poe. As the show progressed the plot and performance gets darker and creepier. 

This show is beautifully performed, the music, dancing, singing, acting and choreography are all wonderful. The plot is rather clever and worthy of Poe. If you have an appreciation of Edgar Allan Poe and can enjoy a good musical I’d highly recommend this show.


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