Fringe 2016 – The Addams Family,  Tago : Korean Drums II,  Taiwan Season : The Sacrifice Of Roaring, Angel To Vampire! 

The Addams Family – A New Musical Comedy *** (3 stars) 

This show was performed by one of those American High Schools that come over each year for the Fringe. They are usually pretty good and to be fare the performance was of a high quality but the show was only mildly entertaining. 

Based on the  TV series this show’s plot is about Wednesday (the daughter) falls for a “normal” boy and wants to may him so incites his family round to meet her family. 

As  I said there wasn’t anything wrong with the quality production,  I think the problem was is just not a particularly great show.  Each of the main characters in the family had a big solo number and there are a couple big dance numbers with the whole cast.  This leaves the whole show felling a bit “flat”,  there are no real big highs and lows to the plot,  it just moves along from one character to another filling in the plot as it goes and having a few completely pointless numbers. 

The singing,  dancing and choreography  were good but ultimately it was only mildly entertain as a whole. 

Tago : Korean Drums II ***** (4 stars) 

I’m no musician and don’t know much about music,  but from my point of view this show was fabulous. 

There is a bit more than just drums in this show,  but it IS predominantly drums. There are several different “sets” in the show where they shell in different types of drums and preform some breath taking days of dimming. 

As well as the excellent drumming they throw in some amazing little bits and pieces and intermixed the whole show with some rather good choreography (like drummers sharing and swapping over which drums they are playing). 

The show reaches a grand finale with some very impressive dancing. Definitely a show worth seeing! 

Taiwan Season : The Sacrifice  of Roaring
* (1 star) 

This is what  I would call “interpretive dance”,  unfortunately there is no  context. There was a “narrator” at the beginning,  who spoke in what I assume was Taiwanese., so basically there was no way of knowing what the dancing was supposed to represent. 

This is clearly one persons vision and was obviously designed to be surreal. The one star I have given this show was for the dancing,  the dancers are well coordinated and clearly worked hard but ultimately it was pretty pointless. 

Angel to Vampire! *** (3 stars) 

It’s clearly not a good sign when there are only 7 audience members for a show! This is a one man show telling the tale of how he went from working 9 to 5 to becoming a cabaret artist,  through a number of different characters. 

The show wasn’t helped by a couple technical errors,  nothing major but a wrong music queue,  a living issue where the light did not shine on the artists and a spotlight that some in my eyes for the entire show! 

The singing was quite good and there was some entertaining humour,  but ultimately there wasn’t much substance to the show. 


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