Fringe 2016 – Juliette Burton : Decision Time

Juliette Burton : Decision Time ***** (5 stars) 

To call this a one women stand-up comedy show seems a little unfair,  although strictly speaking that is what it is. Unlike a conventional stand-up Juliette doesn’t stand in front of a mile and tell a series of jokes,  although there are jokes throughout the show.  

Juliette has led a somewhat “interesting” life dealing with mental health issues including  bolemia, anorexia,  bi-polar disorder,  ocd,  etc The shows theme is about making decisions,  or to be more precise about the decisions that have occurred throughout Juliette’s life starting with her mum deciding to name her “Juliette” right up to deciding what to wear for the days show. 

For the most part it is a very upbeat and funny show,  although there are times in Juliette’s life that have been very dark but she does manage to keep things moving along in a light hearted manner (spoiler alert : she doesn’t die 😃). 

With the help of a large screen projector Juliette takes you on a personal journey through her life and at the end of the show you’ll love her for it. 

It’s a very funny show and a bit emotional,  well worth seeing (it has been selling out).  Plus you get a free badge when you leave which says “F❤️CK OFF I’M A BLANKET”  (now you’ll have to go and see the show!) 

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