Fringe 2016 – Attrape Moi,  Best of Burlesque 

Attrape Moi ***** (5 stars)

A friend on Facebook gave this a rave recommendation so I immediately bought a ticket even though I wasn’t too sure what to expect. 

Take  half a dozen top street performers,  Give them way to much coffee and you’ll have some idea how this show starts.  There’s gymnastics and tumbles,  juggling,  Flinging around cone thingies on string (I’m not sure what you call them ☺️)  Aha,  wikipedia says they are “diablos”!  Except this is on another level to regular street performances,  two guys juggling six balls each,  or throwing around FOUR diablos between two guys. And it’s all mixed in together with gymnastics,  climbing  and humour (they have a popsicle eating contest at one point!?)  and there’s even some very clever yoyoing (is that a word?) 

I made sure I got there early and had a front row centre stage seat 😊 and the show was brilliant,  I observed quite a few small kids in the audience (5 or 6 years old?) and they seemed to be loving the show,  laughing and jumping around. 

The show builds up the performance quite nicely to include aerial acrobatics and even more impressive gymnastics (e.g. three people standing on each others shoulders).  They build up to an almost unbelievable finalé which had to be seem to believed or described. 

I’ve seen numerous similar style shows at The Fringe in previous years and this is up there with the best! 

Best of Burlesque ** (2 stars) 

I usually get and go to at least one Burlesque show at the The Fringe each year  (it’s not as if there’s much opportunity the rest of the year. 

If you look up the meaning of the word “Burlesque”  it actually means a comedy or parody art form.  It has also now often used to describe a particular comedic form of female stiptease (I haven’t heard of any male Burlesque) . 

This is one of the past burlesque shows I’ve ever seen (and I’ve seen a few now)  Most of the comedy was provided by the main presenter.  There was 6 individual acts and only the last was any good, the rest are just untalented women taking off sparkly/feathery outfits to music. 

A bit of light relief was provided when a number of male audience members are dragged up on stage to preform (cheap laughs) . 

The final act was very good when the dancer emerged from a cloud of smoke dressed in black to a few lines from Edgar Alan Poe’s “The Raven” and performed with the aid of a couple large black feathered fans,  she put on a real entertaining and talented act.   

This is a very late night show and clearly aimed at a particular (erm not entirely sober?)  audience.  Just avoid it, its bad!  2 stars for the final act who deserves to be in a far superior show! 


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