Fringe 2016 – Cut,  24 Hours with Mary Lynn Rajskub

Cut ***** (5 stars) 

28 “passengers”  enter an aircraft cabin and are seated,  the “air hostess” is dressed typically,  immaculate uniform and precise makeup. After a standard safety briefing,  the aircraft takes off. 

The “cabin” is suddenly piched into complete darkness, and I do me complete.  There is not a hint of light anywhere, the only sound is that of the planes engines.  And then a couple select lights come on highlighting the air hostess she doesn’t look quite as immaculate as before and her fixed smile has gone. When she talks it is clear this isn’t the air hostess going about her job but her own inner thoughts/monologue,  apparently she is being followed by a man and she is scared. 

The lights go dark again and when they return the air hostess continues about her normal business. 

This back and forward continues and it becomes clear the boats believes she is being stalked and the man is on the plane.  As the show moves along the hostess’ inner thoughts become somewhat more “ragged”,  perhaps she isn’t being stalked,  is it all in her mind,  is the man real or imaginary? 

This show is rather unique and extremely well done, it is also the closet thing I seen to a truly scary show. It isn’t scary in a slasher horror movie sense,  it’s a psychological horror and the anticipation of what will happen next is high. Not a show for the feint hearted!  

24 Hours with Mary Lynn Rajskub *** (3 stars)

 You will probably know Mary Lynn better for her role as Chloe from 24 (she was the little blonde computer expert that was always on Jack’s side) but she has always been a stand up comedian. 

This show is a fairly standard stand-up show, Mary Lynn starts the show by telling you a little bit about herself,  her husband and son.  She continues on telling anecdotes from her life,  she does not shy away from her role in 24 but does point out it was quite some time ago.  There is a bit of audience interaction and a couple images are projected onto a screen but most of the show is just Mary Lynn.  Its entertain and funny,  I was chuckling and laughing throughout but it’s not outstandingly funny, I’ve seen funnier shows but I’ve seen a lot more less funny shows 


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