Fringe 2016 – Escape from the planet of the day that time forgot,  The Power of Japanese  Drums,  Nosferatu’s Shadow

Escape from the planet of the day that time forgot ***** (5 stars) 

This show is really funny and really well some.  Its a three person comedy/parody sci-fi play in the style of a typical  1950’s movie. 

When the professor’s eager young assistant brings an odd rock to show the professor and it turns out to be from a previously uknown planet they set off in a convenient rocket with the professor’s attractive niece (after all who will keep the rocket clean and cook meals?). 

In typical cheap Fringe budget the special effects are at a minimum but the clever use of a few boxes, an ironing board & a “dust buster” add to the humour of the show. The show throws in the stereotypical characters that you’d expect from a 1950/60 sci-fi film with a lot of humour and take you off on a “jolly romp” to another planet. 

If you remember the triffids “fondly”,  from the 1981 TV series or the original 1961 movie you’ll appreciate this show even more, but any fan of cheesy sci-fi will enjoy it. 

The Power of Japanese Drums **** (4 stars)


Obviously drums arent for everyone but this is the worst of show your not likely to habe the opportunity to see very often. 

I know nothing about music or drumming but  I can appreciate the skill and talent in this show,  not to mention the sheer energy and physical effort  involved! 

It’s a stunning show where a small group of drummers playing numerous pieces on a combination of different drums.  

Unlike the Korean drummers I saw earlier in the week they do not add to the show with a bit of showmanship,  this is all about the drumming! And it is stunning. Well worth experiencing,  I saw them last year and went back again this year. 

Nosferatu’s Shadow **** (4 stars) 

I had looked at this show and discounted it originally,  but when friends told me  Michael Daviot was doing it,  I bought a ticket. I have seen Michael Daviot do a couple for pieces at the Speakeasy in the past and he is a fabulous narrator. 

For those who don’t know Nosferatu is an old Vampire movie created in 1922 Germany.  It was basically a rip-off of Bram Stoker’s “Dracula” novel with the characters changed.  Today is regarded as a classic of not the first original Vampire movie. 

Max Shreck played Count Orlok (aka Dracula) and became famous for this role.  He actually played hundreds of roles in film and on stage but is only remembered for this one role. 

Michael Daviot plays Max Shreck in this show to tell you the story of his life. Its an interesting show and presented extremely well but ultimately the subject matter is some what obscure!. Although I’ve seen the film a couple times I could not have told you who played the count  and ultimately it doesn’t really matter,  even though he played it expertly. 


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