Fringe 2016 –  The Scottish Falsetto Sock Puppet Theatre do Shakespeare,  Swivelhead 

The Scottish Falsetto Sock Puppet Theatre do Shakespeare ***** (5 Stars) 

I’m a fan of The Socks,  I’ve seen them at the Fringe several times now,  last year I wasn’t too impressed,  they had quite a few old jokes and obscure references I didn’t get.  This year they are back with a whole new show and back on top form. 

For those that don’t know the socks,  (check out their videos on YouTube )  they are two sock puppets that do a very funny show on a specific subject interspersed with a few comedic songs. 

This year they are doing Shakespeare and as per usual one of the Socks is getting too serious and the other one is managing to misunderstand,  complicate and generally screw things up.   😂

I love The Socks and always see them at The Fringe,  but they are not for everyone (or children! )  Check them out on YouTube and if you like what you see go see their show! 

Swivelhead *** (3 stars)

Somebody handed me a flyer at the Pleasance Courtyard for this show,  that said it was about a RAF pilot turning into an owl. It’s not really,  the whole owl thing is somewhat irrelevant. Its a play about an ex Typhoon pilot who now flies UAV drones and has a nervous breakdown. 

The play centres around the main character and his work with a new UAV pilot and the main character’s relationship with his sister.  It switches between routine days flying  UAVs with the two characters talking to each other and during off time having phone conversations with his sister,  who is planning on getting married. 

It is very well done and goes into the past history of the lead character, as well as the relationship with his sister and (deseaced)  father.  It does go into the whole ethical question about UAV drones.  The lead character talks about being a real pilot and references to the “Playstation”  generation.  Its all well done and does a good job of balancing the argument for and against “drone warfare” versus conventional bombing. 

The whole “turning into an owl” plot line is really obtuse and not really relevant,  the real  idea is the lead character does slowly have a breakdown. The owl part is really just a minor part. 

The show is very well done,  they have a fairly impressive set (for a Fringe show)  and the acting is very good.  Not exactly a light hearted show as it does delve into the whole drone,  modern warfare  against terrorism,  middle east/western imperialism subjects. But the acting is top notch and the show could easily be a professional show in a “regular” theatre. 


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